Stage Drapes: 2 x curtains, gold in colour 4500mm high and 5350mm wide.

Stage Access: At present there is no behind the curtain access.

3 Phase Power: 1 x 32 amps per phase, at prompt corner of stage, 5 pin outlets, 1 x 40 amps per phase, at prompt corner of stage, 5 pin outlets

Control Desk: An open control desk overlooks the stage from the top stage right of the auditorium, giving a clear view of the stage and a location for the Sound and Lighting desk operator/s. Box is open to auditorium sound.

Lighting: Panalogic DM260 Digital Lighting Dimmer System. Three control panels, at prompt corner, Control Desk and Bio Box
4 Front-of-House Perch Bars, and 2 on-stage lighting bars wired to a patch panel in the Control Desk, 1 LSC ePak 12 Channel Dimmer Rack.
1  x LSC Maxim – s 24 faders, 512 DMC channel console., 8 x Prolite PR7 500/650 watt Lanterns, 2 x Prolite PR7-ZPM/T Profile 15/25 Lantern,
1 x 650w CCT Followspot (with filter frame) is located on the ceiling of the foyer.

Sound, Speakers, Playback, Microphones, Talk-back, Video Relay

Live: 1 x upright piano


Aluminum step ladders (1 x 3.1m and 1 x 4.2m) are provided. The shorter ladder is suitable for access to followspot location.

Cinema Screen:
1 x  motorised roll down Screen, 6500mm x 2760mm.

Projector, Bio Box, Audio Rack,