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SUNDAY 2Oth January – 2pm

When famous musician Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) stumbles into a bar and discovers Ally (Lady Gaga), they quickly fall in love. Music plays an important part in both of their lives, and Ally joins Jack on tour. Her career quickly takes off, introducing her to the life of stardom. But everything isn’t always shiny. Jack struggles with alcoholism and drug addiction while Ally tries to balance her new life and taking care of the man she loves.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are absolutely breathtaking. Gaga is completely stripped down, giving the performance of a lifetime where her acting skills truly shine. Cooper’s performance is one you’ll never forget. He captures the audience’s attention in every scene while maintaining a naturally cool persona throughout most of the film.

Both actors clearly step out of their comfort zones for the roles of Jack and Ally but succeed on every level. The chemistry between the two is completely effortless allowing the audience to become emotionally involved from the beginning. Although the acting alone could have carried the film, the soundtrack made it that much better. A Star Is Born introduces us to the amazing voice that is Bradley Cooper. His duets with Gaga create the perfect soundtrack to the film. Each song adds to the story and fits the mood just right.


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